Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a treatment method that directly seizes on the joints in our body. There are different manual therapy-methods and therefore different manual therapy trainings.
Our clinic is connected with the Association of Manual Therapists, de VMT.
The method of manual therapy that is practiced in our clinic is the "method Van der Bijl".

The focus of manual therapy is the improvement of movement of joints in the whole body. Because everyone has their own way of moving, the therapy will be adjusted to the movements, as the body is used to move.
During the treatment all joints of the body are put in motion in a delicate, pain free way. There will be absolutely no "cracking" or "to put right".

A treatment lasts about 45 minutes till an hour and will be repeated after two or three weeks. The period in between two treatments is necessary to give the body time to change the way of moving.
After two or three treatments we will assess if there has been sufficient improvement. If there has not been any change the treatment will be stopped. It is very rare that there are more than eight treatments necessary.

Manual Therapy; low backManual therapy is applicable for all symptoms that have to do with movement of the body. Some examples are: backaches, neck injuries, knee injuries and shoulder injuries; but also headaches, whiplash injuries, tennis elbows, etc.
Sometimes the patient can be fatigue, have a headache, be nauseous or sour or experience intensified symptoms of the injury after the treatment. These symptoms are temporary and normal.
The treatment will be paid for/ reimbursed by the health insurer. Consult the conditions of your insurance policy to check this.

The Manual Therapists in our clinic are Liliane Mandema, Friso Postma and David Turenhout.