Physiotraining is a continuation route for people that ended their physiotherapeutic treatment.

The goal is to maintain or even extend the load tolerance level. When the injury has gone after physiotherapeutic treatment, there will often be the risk that complaints return. Physiotraining stimulates the recovery of a good balance between load and load tolerance as a continuation on physiotherapy.

Even people that do not need physiotherapeutic treatment, or have had this somewhere else and that want to or have to extend their load tolerance can profit from physiotraining.

Physiotraining is a worthy alternative for people who find that they won't cross the threshold of going to the gym and cannot keep up with a homework exercise programme. Physiotraining is done in small groups (about 5 persons per group).  


Brigitte Mooij and Merijn Schepers does the coaching of the physiotraining.